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City Spotlight

Nha Trang



Alexandre Yersin Museum
Dedicated to the late bacteriologist, the Alexandre Yersin Museum was founded in 1990 and showcases his passion for scientific research. On display are his personal belongings and laboratory equipment, as well as original letters and photographs from his travels around Vietnam.

Ba Ho Stream
Ba Ho Stream comprises of waterfalls that converge into a clear lake surrounded by verdant greenery. Located north of Nha Trang, the waterfalls are a popular spot for trekking, swimming, picnicking and fishing. The primitive beauty of this attraction makes for great photos!

Nha Trang Oceanography Institute
Housed in a French colonial building and also known as the National Oceanographic Museum, feast your eyes on fascinating exhibits of local marine life, including a collection of over 20,000 specimens spread out over two floors. The institute has been open to public since 1922.

Po Nagar Cham Towers
This complex was built between the 8th and 11th centuries by the Cham people, who were Hindu in origin. Renowned for their sculptural expertise, they left behind a legacy of beautiful artefacts and temples not only in Vietnam, but also in Cambodia and Thailand.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium
Home to a diverse variety of fish and other marine creatures, the aquarium is constructed in the shape of a fossilised boat. Climb to the top to look out over the horizon over the clear waters of Hon Mieu Island.

Thap Ba Hot Spring Centre
It is believed that the natural hot mineral springs has antiseptic properties and can help soothe fatigued muscles and remove dead skin cells. With a selection of services and treatment packages at different prices, you can easily find one that caters for your needs.

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